The Big Syster Project

Taking the Industries of Social and Human Services to Highest Levels of Quality, Care and Support


The Internet / Intranet of Things of Communications of Systems and Platforms along with Big Data, AI the Arts and Science - what a mix


The Inter/Intra Net of THINGS is our research and lab portal applying past, current and new technologies to develop a unified interface for monitoring and controls.


The Inter/Intra Net of SYSTEMS is our research and lab portal for the development of the operating systems and networks designed to support the connectivity of "Things"


The Inter/Intra Net of PLATFORMS labs contains the proof of concepts derived from our IIoT and IIoS research and system design.

Big Data

Big Data is storage and use of data / information in such a way that allows for extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence AI brings to the table the ability of machines and systems to "learn", grow and respond based on learned information and experience. This technology offers promising . Many aspects of the technology


STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math. This portal is where behavioral sciences, social sciences, civic government operations, computer technology, education, architecture, design, construction, engineering, training and much more come together.

Concepts & Designs

Concepts and Designs


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Natl Assoc of Blacks in Criminal Justice

IBM and Cisco

ECI Networks


Natl Alliance of Faith and Justice

Pen or Pencil

Pennacle Foundation Inc


The Project

Changing The World One Hug At A Time


The goal of the project is to create a system and environment for human services and care that includes community building and technology. The Big Syster project is a collaboration between various stakeholders and interested parties concerned with Human, Community and Social services with a focus on the youth but not limited to - as the youth eventually become adults. Because the nature of this project encompasses civic engagement, government, education, artificial intelligence, big data, IoT (The internet of things), social & behavioral sciences and several other areas and technologies there is much background material to cover and share. Due to the nature of what we are trying to do, we have targeted the creation of a system based on the California Continuum of Care Reform and the California Dept. of Human Services - Foster Care division which includes the Residential Group Home services, as the framework for development and compliance.

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The Community









The Pennacle Program

Our group homes program provides a comprehensive therapeutic living situation that is caring, structured, and individualized. Providing environments that increase the opportunity for each client to develop to his fullest potential with the primary goal is to return the client to a safe and secure family life. Each minor receives an initial assessment to determine history, severity of presenting problems and assignment of needed services.


Each client receives individual counseling with his licensed clinician covering a variety of subject matters, i.e., depression, anxiety, anger issues, abuse history, sexual issues, impulse control, etc. The client’s family is involved in therapy thru the family and multi-family modules. Each child is supported throughout his daily routine by a paraprofessional staff who uses their time helping the minors learn appropriate ways of interacting effectively with peers and with adults.


In order to increase the number of youth services provided, the number of youth serviced, and to function as an accredited agency hub for youth services we are pursuing a program to raise $500,000 in seed capital order to form our YSO. Project goal 54 homes - 300 beds 300 youth 300 jobs. The Youth Center and Communiversity is a service program that utilizes a unique prevention and intervention approach for those youth who are at-risk and high-risk incorporating state of the art technologies.



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